E Rickshaw Spare Parts

Shocker 43 mm without spring

Alloy rim

Rear drum 160 mm

Motor 1000w (48V)

Round glass with clamp

Side looking glass

Gearbox cy type 18T

Jack set with wrench

Double gear

Hand brake with wire

Backlight qsd

Headlight 15 LED

Wiring qsd

Motor wiper with blade

Controller QSD 1000w

Headlight 6 LED

Power key

Round indicator

Half digital meter

Big gear 16t/18t

Throttle Y/F colour set

Throttle Qsd colour set

Remote sensor 10 cr with power key

Mudguard 43mm

Iron horn

Cabin light with rear view mirror

Spot light 9/12/15 led

Charging socket black

Controller for cycle kit 24v

Bearing 30205/32005

Throttle for cycle 36v

Cycle kit 24v

Flasher 2 pin

Dhol Music system


Charger router/ Metal

Motor shaft 850/900/1000w

Main Handle