Prakriti Super

Let’s begin” with PRAKRITI to make India greener and cleaner and a better place to live.

Bigbull Prakriti Super

The Super E-Scooty is a combination of all the top-notch features and is extremely ideal for all weather conditions. It comes with excellent features and is all set to be your finest traveling companion. It also causes zero pollution and allows you to ride in style. The sophisticated look and 190 mm ground clearance of the scooter encourage you to go through an experience filled with picture-perfect moments.


BLDC MOTOR waterproof IP 67

BLDC MOTOR waterproof IP 67

Moist and dusty conditions can be tolerated by a water-resistant Brushless DC motor

Sine wave smart controller, waterproof IP63

Sine wave smart controller, waterproof IP63

To accelerate more powerfully, we have fitted a sophisticated Sine wave controller

Front disc and rear drum brake

Excellent front and rear drum brakes offer efficiency in all weather conditions.

LED bulb

LED bulb

Premium LED bulb ensures a stylish appearance and effective heat management

USB Port

USB charging port

A USB charging port is given to facilitate continuous charging of your gadgets.

Reverse button

A reverse button has been added to the vehicle making it easier to go backward.

123 gear


The installation of top-notch gears guarantees a breathtaking ride

Side stand sensor

Side stand sensor

The side stand sensor assists in lowering the chance of an accident.

Cruise control

Automatic maintenance of a consistent speed is provided by the cruise control feature.

Parking switch

Parking switch

The parking switch enhances the scooter's functions and security.

Durable front and rear shock absorbers

Durable front and rear shock absorbers

Durable shock absorbers in the front and back provide a smooth, pleasant ride.

Wire harness with anti-fire function

The maximum degree of safety is ensured by a wire harness with an anti-fire device.

Waterproof throttle bar

Waterproof throttle bar

We added a water-resistant throttle bar to improve the riding experience.

Waterproof switches

Waterproof switches

To ensure that you have a wonderful trip overall, the switches are kept waterproof.


Ground clearance -190mm best

With 190mm of ground clearance, you can travel on bumpy roads without worrying.

Suitable for Indian roads

Suitable for Indian roads

The scooter has been specially created to function on Indian roads.

Strong shock absorber

Again, a shock absorber makes it possible for you to travel quite comfortably.

Multi-colour meter

Multi-colour meter

The scooter's aesthetic appeal is improved by a multi-colour metre.

Paint with 18 months warranty

Paint with 18 months warranty

An 18-month warranty is provided for the premium paint of the car.

Paint with 18 months warranty

12-month warranty on motor, controller, charger, lead acid battery

Get the lead-acid battery, charger, controller, and motor covered by a 12-month warranty.

Paint with 18 months warranty

36-month warranty on lithium battery

The lithium battery will work admirably and come with a 36-month warranty

Other Features

Other Features

Battery plate and stick label, door seat bucket, child safety, right and left footrest.

We have added a waterproof, dust-resistant Brushless DC motor IP 67 to the Super E-Scooty to increase its longevity. Enjoy a trouble-free ride even in wet and rainy conditions with the help of this premium feature.

For additional torque during acceleration, use the Sine wave smart controller, waterproof IP63. Excellent speed control will allow you to travel in comfort while still being environmentally responsible.

The stylish LED light makes the scooter look better and contributes to an effective heat management system. It will undoubtedly improve the Super E-Scooty's quality as well as its appearance and feel.

We offer a reliable front disc brake and rear drum brake that work well in every circumstance. Your travel will be safe, simple, and comfortable no matter what the weather or temperature is.

For the continuous charging facility, we have created and installed a USB charging connector. You can constantly charge your electronics wherever you go owing to this special accessory.

A reverse button is a feature that makes going backward in the vehicle very simple. It makes fluid movement easier and actively reduces the chance of accidents.

The gears on your trip perform one of the most significant functions. Your travel potential is highly correlated with the quality of your gears. Hence, the scooter is equipped with high-quality gears.

We have gone above and beyond to make sure that our customers feel protected. We have installed a side stand sensor which significantly reduces the chance of accidents.

The Super E-Scooty will add distinctive touches to your journey. The scooter has a cruise control feature that helps you keep a steady speed automatically.

A parking switch can be used to stabilise the scooter's motion. We installed the Parking Switch to assure the safety of every journey while also offering the client convenience.

The Big Bull Super E-front Scooty's front and rear shock absorbers make it possible for the rider to experience a comfortable ride even on unpaved or bumpy roads.

The scooty's wire harness uses circuits to join the many parts into a single, central system. To strengthen the safety feature of the harness, we have also added the anti-fire mechanism.

Throttle bars help to provide the right amount of acceleration for the vehicle. The Big Bull Super is furnished with waterproof throttle bars that allow you exact control over the speed of the vehicle.

The switches are kept waterproof to enable you to thoroughly wash your vehicle and drive during the rainy season without being concerned about the water damage.

Big Bull created the Super E-Scooter with a ground clearance of 190mm to provide you with a smooth ride and give you a sense of security on rough and unpleasant roads.

The scooter was carefully thought out and built, with all the components required to make it durable and long-lasting. We may easily say that our Super E-Scooter is ideal for any road in India.

Roads aren't always level and consistent. In order to deal with the problem with such tracks, we incorporated the capacity of a strong shock absorber. It helps to increase the level of comfort.

We never compromise on a product's visual appeal. We have connected a really nice-looking multi-colour metre to the scooter to give it a very trendy and dynamic appearance.

We used high-quality paint to decorate the scooter and riding it feels like being on cloud nine. To further improve your experience, the paint comes with an 18-month warranty.

We have a lot of faith in our craft since we only use the best materials. This enables us to provide you with a 12-month warranty on the lead-acid battery, controller, charger, and motor.

Another distinguishing feature that makes the Super E-Scooty stand out in the market is its E-Lithium battery. When you purchase the battery from us, a 36-month warranty is included.

The performance of the scooter is enhanced by a number of additional features like a battery plate and stick label, door seat bucket, child safety, and right-left footrest.