About Us


Our Company walkthrough

Big Bull is a prominent organization, engaged in the Manufacturing and Export of E-Rickshaws and their Spare Parts in Delhi and India. We are also one of the most extensive Suppliers and Traders of Electric Rickshaws. These rickshaws are widely in demand for their pollution-free and elevated performance. Additionally, our E-Rickshaws come with various advantages. Our Eco-friendly rickshaw and its use will assist in lowering the pollution level. These electric rickshaws have an extremely easy mechanism. They run on electricity which is readily available and can be multi-sourced.

Our Leadership Team

Mr. Dipak Gupta

Dipak Gupta serves Big Bull as our Marketing and Operations Director, leading the organization’s staff, board and supporters to advance our mission. He oversees and stirs marketing strategies and efforts in order to strengthen the company’s market position and achieve desired business goals

Mr. Deepak Kumar Shaw

Deepak Kumar Shaw serves Big Bull as our sales Director leading the sales process. He manages and oversees the sales operations developing and cultivating relationships with clients and evaluating costs to determine their products’ pricing when selling to customers.

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Our vision:

By using the best of resources at hand we will change the lives of the people who are directly or indirectly connected to us, our product and our business. Our responsible business practices involved people from all spheres of life. Our commitment to green and sustainable business is bringing eco-friendly technologies and awareness into the mainstream through our manufacturing process.

Our Mission:

Big Bull has the objective to promote the widespread use of electro-mobility in general and electric vehicles all over India. We aim to take small initiatives every day towards a greener future through our eco-friendly rickshaws. Besides, we also look forward to generating employment opportunities and serving comfortable rides at a lower cost.

Why Us

  • Get our best Quality Product Compared to the Chinese Counter Parts.
  • Leverage our 100% Genuine and Quality Spare Parts for all E Rickshaw Models.
  • We have a dedicated Vehicle Designing Team for Customized E Rickshaw, New Designs and New Models.
  • We have in-house State-of-art Manufacturing Facilities in West Bengal.
  • We offer 90% Indigenous Products and our product development team takes care of each product lifecycle.