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How To Get Customized E Rickshaws That Suit Your Business Needs?

The level of pollution we are witnessing in recent times is alarming. With this high level of pollution not only our lungs and hearts will suffer but also the environment we inhabit. Therefore, it is extremely important to find ways to mitigate pollution levels. The transport sector is, by and large, one of the largest contributors to this dire state of affairs. The demand is thus expected to soar for such vehicles which do not add to the surging pollution levels.
Customized E-rickshaws are one such candidate that can take on the place of traditional rickshaws. They are eco-friendly and run on a battery. There are a few worthy manufacturers like Bigbull which provide quality customized E-rickshaws and trustworthy post-purchase services. 

So those who are or aspire to be a dealer or a businessman engaged in E-rickshaws, BigBull is the right place to hunt for. 

Getting Customized E-rickshaws

For a business in transport to be flourished, it is important to be aware of the city you will be landing your vehicles in. On a general level, the streets of India are narrow and winding, therefore choosing an E-rickshaw which is large is not going to pay off much. This is how you can get a customized E-rickshaws to meet your requirements. 

Compact And Comfortable Build

The E-rickshaw you should look for should be compact so that it can easily pass through the densely populated and narrow areas quite easily. A large-sized E-rickshaw is only going to get stuck at places where the turning is narrow and steep. Also, make sure the seats are comfortable and cosy for the passengers to recline in. 

Elegant Appearance

The success of your product will also depend on how attractive it looks. For instance, BigBull E-rickshaws are highly stylish and elegant with their sleek design. In comparison to traditional rickshaws, they look absolutely modern and well furnished.  

Strong Battery

Most buyers of Customized E-rickshaws are going to opt for the product based on the mileage or the performance of their batteries. A good E-rickshaw ought to have a good built-in battery. It should take as little time as possible to be fully charged and should hit the roads for as long as it can. A strong battery is going to be an immediate hit among the buyers. 

Few Other Considerations To Be Kept In Mind

A well-customised rickshaw should also have the following qualitative features to render the best performance.

Low Maintenance 

The amount of maintenance to be expended on the E-rickshaw is going to be another factor you should keep into consideration. A well-customised E-rickshaw should require minimum maintenance so that the drivers find it most convenient to operate these electric vehicles.   

Post-Purchase Service 

It is important to keep in mind that the services provided after the purchase of the E-rickshaw are just as important as the vehicle itself. Your product might attract buyers from different cities and therefore the availability of varied services as well as the spare parts should be close by. In this regard, one should opt to deal with brands that have a wider market reach and provide service in many parts of the country. BigBull, for instance, has 100 dealers across the country and therefore can be a safe choice in this aspect. 

Affordable For Buyers

Keeping in mind the economic conditions of the rickshaw drivers it is important that the E-rickshaw should not trouble them regarding its cost. The more affordable it is the greater chance of success it stands. Since E-rickshaws are not fuel oriented their cost, as well as their maintenance cost, is going to be much lesser than traditional rickshaws.   

With these aspects in mind, you are most likely to get a perfectly customized E-rickshaws. Keep in mind that both quantitative and qualitative features are necessary and one should not be compromised for the other. 

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