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New electric rickshaw rules in West Bengal

New electric rickshaw rules in West Bengal have recently been released by the West Bengal government. The new regulations are intended to increase the security and effectiveness of toto operations as well as to decrease the number of toto-related mishaps.
Some of the main guidelines of the new laws are as follows:
1. Only designated routes will be open to electric rickshaws.
2. electric rickshaws will have speed governors installed, limiting their top speed to 25 kmph.
3. Electric rickshaws must possess a current registration certificate and permission.
4. Drivers using a Toto vehicle must possess a current driver’s license.
5. Electric rickshaws must go through routine safety inspections.
The new regulations also include fines for infractions including driving without a permit or exceeding the speed limit.
In the upcoming few weeks, the new regulations are anticipated to take effect.

The electric rickshaw rules in West Bengal government is also taking action to encourage the usage of e-rickshaws as a substitute for electric rickshaws in addition to the new regulations. Batteries power e-rickshaws, which are thought to be more environmentally friendly than electric rickshaws. The government is setting up charging stations for e-rickshaws and offering subsidies for their purchase.
The government wants to gradually phase out electric rickshaws and switch to e-rickshaws in their place. This would lessen the frequency of accidents involving electric rickshaws and enhance the air quality in Kolkata.


Impact of Electric Rickshaw rules in West Bengal

According to reports, this instruction has already been communicated to the district’s police and
administration. However, if these vehicles are operating unlawfully, the proper action has also been taken.
Kolkata: The cue has already been taken. Finally, the West Bengal administration made a significant decision. The state government outlawed the use of unlawful electric rickshaw, cars, and three-wheelers on state highways, major roads, and roads throughout different districts. The notification was sent out on this particular day by the transportation division. Having said that, the amount of unauthorized traffic on these routes is increasing the number of accidents. At the same time, everyday challenges for the average person are numerous.
According to reports, this command has already been communicated to the district’s entire police force and administrative staff. However, if these vehicles are operating unlawfully, the proper action has also been taken. Snehashis Chakraborty, the transport minister, alluded to this on August 28 in the Legislative Assembly. He reportedly also brought up the topic of how to improve the bus’s passenger capacity.

impact of new rules

Why are Electric Rickshaw rules in West Bengal Applied?

In the past ten years, a lot of compact automobiles have entered the market, according to Saff. On the roads autos, e-rickshaws, and local electric rickshaws are also seen. Hundreds of young people who are unemployed run them to make a living in various locations. We can’t just hand them over. Local passengers consequently exert extra pressure on them. Buses are under increased pressure to pick up passengers. Passengers started to dwindle in number. Long-distance buses were hardest hit. Numerous bus lines have already been shut down as a result. To address this changing transportation scenario, the implementation of electric rickshaw rules aims to bring about a level of regulation and standardization for ensuring the safety and reliability of these vehicles. The decision to introduce electric rickshaw rules was to maintain order in the public transportation system, lessen bus crowding, and ensure the safety and regulation of battery-powered vehicles. By putting these rules into place, the state government can address problems related to overpopulation and overcrowding in the transport sector and also help in the efficient operation of the public transportation system.

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