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Top 6 Electric Rickshaw Manufacturer Brand in India

Electric rickshaws are increasingly being used as the main mode of transportation, Numerous factors are there to contribute it. The primary point is that electric rickshaws in India are inexpensive, with prices starting as 2,20,000. Numerous other factors include minimal operating and maintenance costs, an environmentally friendly ride, and a noiseless engine. The top 5 electric rickshaws available in India are listed here, This blog is for all if you want to purchase an electric rickshaw. We will discuss about the 5 best electric rickshaw brand in India in the following journey.

1. Big Bull Traders PVT LTD

BigBull Electric Rickshaws place equal emphasis on driver convenience of use as well as passenger comfort. They are designed to move smoothly and silently through urban environments. Their ability to adjust different road conditions and terrains while maintaining stability. Safety is one of their most notable qualities of bigbull electric rickshaw. There are several features in bigbull e-rickshaw some are Smart connectivity features, improved safety features, and effective battery management are just a few examples of BigBull’s dedication to quality, which guarantees a dependable and innovative choice for environmentally friendly urban commuting. Bigbull carries a name of the best electric rickshaw brand in India.

Key feature of bigbull e-rickshaw:

  • Quick Charge Technology: A few models had the ability to quickly recharge batteries in comparison to traditional charging techniques, which decreased driver downtime and increased operational effectiveness.
  • Suspension Upgrades for Comfort: These electric rickshaws were built with upgraded suspension systems to reduce vibrations, offer a smoother ride, and guarantee passenger comfort even on uneven terrain.
  • Weatherproof and Sturdy Construction: BigBull Electric Rickshaws were distinguished by their weatherproof and sturdy construction, which guaranteed their flexibility in a range of weather situations and extended their lifespan. PU paints is one of the main character of bigbull electric rickshaw which protects the electric rickshaw from any weather hazards and make the best electric rickshaw brand in India.
  • Advanced safety features: one of the important key features of bigbull electric rickshaw is safety precautions and others are strong construction, better braking systems and many more to prioritize driver and passenger safety.
big bull e rickshaw
mileage speed Charging time
5 hrs

2. Mahindra Electric Rickshaw

Part of the well-known Indian conglomerate Mahindra Group is one of the best electric rickshaw brand in India. They have been producing electric vehicles, such as e-rickshaws, or electric three-wheelers, which are also known as electric rickshaws. When opposed to conventional fuel-powered rickshaws, Mahindra Electric rickshaws are intended to provide a more economical and environmentally responsible form of transportation. Because of their battery-powered electric motors, these electric rickshaws reduce noise pollution and pollutants while offering drivers and passengers an affordable way to go around.

Key feature of Mahendra electric rickshaw:


  • Electric Motor: Rechargeable batteries power the electric motor that powers these rickshaws. Compared to rickshaws powered by fossil fuels, they are more environmentally benign due to their usage of electric power.
  • Zero Emissions: Because these cars run entirely on electricity, they have no tailpipe emissions, which helps to keep the environment and the air in cities cleaner.
  • Cost-effective: When compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles, electric rickshaws have lower running costs. Because electricity is typically less expensive than gasoline or diesel, drivers’ overall operating costs are decreased.
  • Low Maintenance: Compared to cars with internal combustion engines, electric vehicles usually have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance. For the owners of the vehicles, this may mean lower maintenance expenses.
mahindra electric rickshaw

Picture Source: Mahindra Last Mile Mobility

mileage speed Charging time
141km/ charge
3 hours and 50 minutes

3. Bajaj Electric Rickshaw

As a component of Bajaj Auto’s entry into the electric vehicle market Bajaj Electric Rickshaws is one of the best electric rickshaw brand in India.  Bajaj electric rickshaw is environmentally friendly and have many mobility options. These three-wheeled cars sometimes referred to as e-rickshaws, stand for Bajaj’s efforts to offer an economical, efficient, and environmentally responsible form of urban transportation. These electric rickshaws, which have zero exhaust emissions and a considerably smaller environmental effect than conventional fossil fuel-powered cars, are propelled by electric motors and rechargeable batteries.

Key feature of bajaj electric rickshaw:

  • Comfort and Safety Features: To guarantee a safe and comfortable trip, these rickshaws put an emphasis on the comfort of both the driver and the passengers. As a result, they include features like safety belts, comfortable seating configurations, strong construction, and weather protection.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Bajaj Auto complies with all safety and legal requirements for electric cars as established by the relevant authorities. These requirements are met by their electric rickshaws, guaranteeing performance, dependability, and safety in compliance with regulations.
  • Improved Technology: Bajaj is always striving to improve the technology included in its electric rickshaw models. In order to increase performance and make these vehicles more appropriate for a variety of terrains and usage conditions, improvements in battery efficiency, power output, and range are included.

Numerous Models and Configurations: Bajaj Electric Rickshaws are available in a range of models and configurations to meet the demands of diverse markets and consumer tastes. They provide a range of choices in terms of amenities, design, and seating capacity to meet different needs for transportation

bajaj electric rickshaw

Picture Source: bajaj auto

mileage speed Charging time
120km/ charge
6 hours

4. Jezza Electric Rickshaw

A well-known brand of Vani Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd is Jezza, which was established in 2014 by young businesspeople in Kolkata. The business was founded on a firm conviction in the potential of the electric car market. Today, Jezza E rickshaw has a broad dealer network in addition to a wide range of products. As a result, it stands out as one of the industry’s potential players in the field of electric vehicles. Additionally, this Indian maker of e-rickshaws provides two-wheelers, e-rickshaws, and i-CAT-certified spare parts for electric vehicles. Among the company’s products are the Jezza J1000, Jezza Super J1000, and Jezza J1000 Prime.

jezza electric rickshaw

Picture Source: Jezza Electric Rickshaw

5. Kinetic green Electric Rickshaw

The comfort of both the driver and the passenger is the top priority for Kinetic Green, which incorporates features like sturdy construction, weather protection, cozy seating arrangements, and safety enhancements. The company pushes for constant innovation and adherence to safety regulations which drives advancements in technology, battery efficiency, and overall performance across all of its electric rickshaw models. With a variety of models to suit different market demands, Kinetic Electric Rickshaws are adaptable and seek to meet the growing need for dependable and sustainable urban transportation options in India and abroad. kenetic electric rickshaw plays a role in the family of electric rickshaw and compete with other competitive brand to be the best electric rickshaw brand in India.

key feature of kenetic electric rickshaw:


  • Modular Design: A few Kinetic Electric Rickshaw models have a modular design that makes assembly, maintenance, and repair simpler. This results in less downtime and more effective servicing.
  • Swift Charging Technology: In some models, Kinetic Green added rapid charging technology, which allows batteries to be recharged more quickly than with traditional charging techniques and increases operational efficiency.
  • Battery Swapping Capability: A few Kinetic Electric Rickshaw models had batteries that could be switched out quickly at swapping stations. This reduced the amount of time drivers had to wait for their batteries to charge and encouraged continuous operation.
  • Prolonged Battery Life: The rickshaws’ batteries were built to last longer, meaning that owners would spend less on new batteries because they were built to last longer.
kinetic electric rickshaw

Picture source: Kinetic Electric Rickshaw

mileage speed Charging time
100km/ charge
2 hours

6. Lohiha electric rickshaw

Lohia’s zero-emission electric drivetrain dramatically lowers carbon footprint while offering a powerful and quiet mode of transportation, demonstrating their dedication to environmental sustainability. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these rickshaws have cutting-edge safety features, clever connectivity capabilities, and effective battery management systems. All of these features make them a dependable and progressive option for urban transportation. lohia electric rickshaw is one of the best electric rickshaw brand in India.

Key feature of lohia electric rickshaw:

  • Sturdy Construction: Lohia Electric Rickshaws were renowned for their sturdy design, which guaranteed dependability and durability and made them appropriate for a variety of environments and use scenarios.
  • High Payload Capacity: Some models had a remarkable payload capacity that allowed these rickshaws to accommodate commercial transportation needs by carrying larger loads while still operating at peak efficiency.
  • Extended Wheelbase for Stability: A longer wheelbase was a feature of some models, which improved stability and made for a smoother ride, which guaranteed the safety and comfort of the passengers.
  • Advanced Suspension System: To reduce vibrations and enhance ride quality even on uneven roads, Lohia Auto installed advanced suspension systems in their electric rickshaws.
lohiha electric rickshaw

picture source: lohia auto

mileage speed Charging time
100km/ charge
8-10 hours


Mostly there are more then 10 Electric Rickshaw Company in India, as its a very much profitable business in India. We all know that electric vehicle is the new boom to the market, the whole world is in need of electric vehicle but choosing one from several brand is the main thing. If you are willing to join this business then be a part of this eco-system and join us as Electric Rickshaw Dealer and be the change.

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