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Why 2022 is going to be a great year for the EV industry?

From the beginning of the automobile transportation systems, petrol and diesel have been the key fuels for powering up the vehicles. Though this has been really beneficial for developing better designs and engines the negative effects on our environment have been severe. The constant carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions have filled the atmosphere with poisonous byproducts that are seriously and slowly destroying the earth and even taking a negative toll on the human body. Added to this, the constant use of fossil fuels is depleting their reserves fast and the companies and mankind, in general, are shifting towards alternate forms of energy for transport.
All these problems need a common solution, a solution that is easy to produce, efficient, and also environmentally friendly. Electric vehicles can serve as answers for all these arguments. In fact, 2022 is going to be a year with more and more kinds of electric vehicles and electric vehicle industry development in general. Here are a few of the reasons why-

Environment friendly

Electric vehicles run on electric batteries. These batteries store energy from any electric supply and release it in a controlled manner to power up the vehicles providing them with great drive lengths and maneuverability.  What this effectively means is that electric vehicles virtually have no emissions.

Without emissions, the environment stays clean and therefore positive steps towards decreasing global warming can be taken at an individual level.

High prices of Petrol and Diesel

Petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing every year. This makes it really difficult for the owners to refuel their vehicles frequently and maintain profitability.

Compared to that electricity is still a lot inexpensive. People pay minimal prices to get electricity. Therefore an automobile solely running on electricity will not just be better for the environment but also more economical.

Growing Market

Market shares and demand for electric vehicles have been steadily rising. This is partly due to both of the reasons mentioned above. People want better alternatives as their means of transport.

The growing demand helps the electric vehicle industry to innovate their existing designs and produce a variety of products with better features and efficiency. The constant upgrades help to make a machine more suitable for daily use and as reliable as any vehicle running on traditional fuels.

Better affordability

A major argument against electric vehicles was the high cost of purchasing the vehicles. With better innovations and a wide variety of designs, manufacturers have a solution to reducing the costs of development and manufacture.

Companies can now provide electric vehicles catering to different segments of population-based on their needs and financial capabilities. This means that luxury e-vehicles can be made and sold and simultaneously newer and improved versions of e-rickshaws can be developed for ferrying goods and people from one place to another.

Government Support

This is also a common practice in many of the countries trying to make the use of electric vehicles more prevalent. The government of such countries is paying allowances to its citizens for using electric vehicles instead of petrol or diesel vehicles. This gives an added incentive to the users.

All these reasons clearly show that electric vehicles will really start getting more popular in 2022 and through the next decade as a whole. 

As said before electric vehicles are not just for luxury. Companies like Bigbull e-rickshaws manufacturer tough, durable green rickshaws that are made of high-quality parts as well as are very affordable. In fact, the company already has a huge base of satisfied customers who use these vehicles to transport goods and services safely across places. 

With more and more development the electric vehicles will surely take over the automobile market and become the new industry standard.

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