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Why BigBull’s E-rickshaw Eco is the best buy?

BigBull is an E-rickshaw manufacturing company based in Kolkata. The e-rickshaws manufactured by this company have a high demand because of their supreme quality and high performance, therefore they export products all over India. The e-vehicles are affordable and eco-friendly. They are some of the largest traders of e-rickshaws in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and Assam. This company has been striving toward innovating and manufacturing new models of e-rickshaws so that businesses and passengers can be benefitted.

To exist in the tough competition, a brand needs to be reliable and has to put focus on customer satisfaction. BigBull has always given importance to its customers and improved its services as per the choices of its clients.

The E-rickshaw Eco manufactured by BigBull is the most resistant battery-operated rickshaw model that provides passengers with a very comfortable ride. This model is equipped with all the latest technology and is the best option for businesses to gain profit.

The E-rickshaw market in India is growing with time and facing tough competition. New innovations are taking place so that people can enjoy the total benefits. E-rickshaw Eco by BigBull is one of the greatest discoveries as it has been furnished with all the advanced technology. E-rickshaw businesses in Orissa looking for reliable dealers who manufacture exceptional e-vehicles can explore BigBull as they are an e rickshaw supplier in Orissa.

Features Of BigBull’s E-rickshaw Eco

Before investing in any new vehicles, it is important to research and learn about the product. It is very crucial to understand the benefits the vehicle has to offer. BigBull’s E-rickshaw Eco has a lot of technological benefits that make it unique. Here are a few points that can help to know more about E-rickshaw Eco:

Durable Body

BigBull’s E-rickshaw Eco has a strong and durable body that ensures the safety of the passengers. This model also requires minimum repair and maintenance expenses, this helps the buyer from facing any losses. It is furnished with top-quality products that make the model safe and cost-effective.

Equipped With 850 Watt Motor

The E-rickshaw Eco is equipped with an 850-Watt Motor that gets charged quickly and functions for a longer duration. This model provides maximum service by getting charged at a very period of time.

Furnished With A 24 Tube Controller

This model is furnished with a 24 Tube Controller that helps the driver control the speed and torque of the motor. This assists the important motor of the battery-operated rickshaw to stay in good condition for longer durations of time thus evading the problem of constant maintenance and repair. This helps the business gain more profit in the long run.

BIS Approved Tyres

E-rickshaw Eco manufactured by BigBull focuses on passenger safety, it is therefore equipped with high-quality tyres that are BIS approved. The tyres last for longer time periods because it is made of top quality, this is safe for the passengers while travelling and also saves the businesses from investing in tyres every time. 

Equipped With 43 mm Front and Rear Shocker

E-rickshaw Eco is furnished with a 43 mm front and rear shocker that is very crucial for the passengers to travel comfortably. This front and rear shocker assure smooth passenger rides.

Furnished With USB Port

This model is equipped with a USB port that allows the drivers to charge their mobiles while driving. It is of high quality and ensures complete safety. 

These features make BigBull’s E-rickshaw one of the best buys as it has all the technical specifications and is safe for the passengers. BigBull is also an Electric Rickshaw Supplier In Assam, the businesses can take a look at the E-rickshaw Eco as this model has a lot of modern features that can help a business gain profit.

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